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Uber Growth Happy Hour

[UPDATE: See below for an update, which includes a formal program. I added guest speakers from Slack, Airbnb, Pinterest, Growthhackers.com, as well as opening with a Q&A with Ed Baker, Uber’s vp of growth. Here’s the form to get an invite]


Dear readers,
Uber is the fastest growing startup of all time, and naturally, since joining the team, I’ve received a ton of interest on how the team approaches growth.

Today, I’m happy to announce that I’m hosting the Uber Growth Happy Hour at headquarters, where you’ll be able to meet the Growth team. It’ll be at our SOMA headquarters. There’s limited space at the venue, so please register to get an invite soon.

Here’s the program for the event:

1) Q&A with Ed Baker, vp of growth at Uber
First, we’ll start with a Q&A discussion with Ed who was previously a startup founder and then on the Facebook Growth team. He’ll talk about early days at Uber, how he thinks about the company’s growth, etc.


2) Panel discussion, moderated by Andrew Chen
Second, we have an amazing set of guests who are leading growth teams across the industry. I’ll be moderating the discussion.

  • Merci Grace, growth at Slack
  • Casey Winters, growth at Pinterest
  • Gustaf Alstromer, growth at Airbnb
  • Sean Ellis, founder at GrowthHackers.com

3) Then, drinks with the Uber growth team
Finally, we’ll break from the formal program for drinks and merriment.

Get your invite here »

As a twist, you’ll need to fill in your info and also the info of a +1. Uber is better with friends :) And if you ever want updates for future events like this, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter.

San Francisco, California

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