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10 reasons why every Web 2.0 developer should attend the Virtual Goods Summit

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See you at the Summit!
I’ve joined the Virtual Goods Summit as a Conference Advisor, but it doesn’t mean much. Really, Charles Hudson is a total badass and he’s doing an amazing job putting a great program together. The conference is sponsored by Mohr Davidow Ventures, the VC firm where I work.

Top 10
But let me make the argument of why every Web 2.0 designer should attend the Virtual Goods Summit:

  1. Virtual goods is growing to a multi-billion dollar market that you want to be part of
  2. Web 2.0 needs more ways to make money other than AdSense
  3. WTF? Is Second Life’s $1.5MM in transactions in the last 24 hours for real??
  4. In-browser games communities and "fun" Web 2.0 properties are on a collision course
  5. Learn about a bunch of growing properties you may not have heard of before
  6. Duh: Pirates
  7. You could learn from the game design world to build more hilarious/engaging Web 2.0 sites
  8. Virtual goods is better than advertising for Web 2.0 social sites
  9. Give users choice: feature-by-feature, customization-by-customization, through virtual goods
  10. I’ll be going :) E-mail me if you want to meet up before or afterwards

Here’s the signup page

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