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Amazing presentation on leadgen tactics from Jay Weintraub

Leadgen blog
For those of you guys who are interested in Offerpal and Super Rewards, and want to learn more about the leadgen industry, I couldn’t recommend Jay Weintraub’s blog more.

Here are a couple of my favorite articles:

Jay also doesn’t write nearly enough, but perhaps this will send a torrent of traffic his way that will encourage him to spend more time blogging :)

Also, a great preso
Most recently, Jay published an amazing presentation “You Give Leads A Bad Name” on leadgen dynamics including topics like:

  • history of leadgen
  • ad creative
  • user flows
  • mobile services
  • leadgen
  • scammy tactics
  • … and finally, the evolution of leadgen into more sophisticated sites (that give users value)

Watch for the slides on Mint.com and Billshrink.com, in particular, which are valley darlings (and are mentioned very favorably).

You should probably watch in full screen!

You Give Leads A Bad Name

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