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Archive of a couple older posts

I recently had a spate of new readers – if you guys haven’t read through the blog, I wanted to pull out a couple of my older posts that might be interesting to peruse:

Because I’ve spent a couple years in advertising at Revenue Science, I often like to write about random stuff happening in the online ad world.
How to create future value in online ads
The pyramid of advertising and modeling ad revenue
Standardizing ad units and PayPerPost

Company analysis
Sometimes I wrote about companies, and every once in a blue moon, I am right :)
User behavior challenges and BitTorrent
Business models for Federated Media
Are you misusing Alexa numbers? (Probably)
eHarmony’s matching algorithm and other places to use it
Glam.com and building vertical networks

Meeting new people in Silicon Valley
Since moving down from Seattle 2.5 months ago, I’ve had to re-establish a network down here. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve written down a couple observations.
Meeting lots of people through LinkedIn
Silicon Valley people versus Seattle people
10 tips for meeting people at conferences

Hope you like these, and if you ever have something you want an opinion on, write me at voodoo [at] gmail.

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