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Bay Area entrepreneurs that I’m following on Twitter

Lots of Bay Area startup chatter on Twitter
As I’ve written about many times, I’m of the often-repeated notion that the SF Bay area is a one-of-a-kind place for entrepreneurs. There’s lots of advantages, but one great one is the constant casual chatter of other entrepreneurs and CEOs here.

I quickly combed my tweets for today and made a list of active users of Twitter who also happen to be founder/CEOs in the companies around here. Almost all of them are running VC-backed startups, and they are among the best folks to learn from. I’m purposely leaving out obvious choices like @ev and conference types that get enough visibility as it is ;-)

The quick list of folks you might follow on Twitter
Here we go:


Albert Lai http://twitter.com/albertsupdates Kontagent
Bob Ippolito http://twitter.com/etrepum Mochi Media
Chris Lunt http://twitter.com/chrislunt Nombray, Friendster, etc.
Daniel Ha http://twitter.com/danielha Disqus
Darian Shirazi http://twitter.com/darian314 Fwix, Facebook
David Weekly http://twitter.com/dweekly PBWiki
Gabe Rivera http://twitter.com/gaberivera Techmeme
Garry Tan http://twitter.com/garrytan Posterous
Jon Aizen http://twitter.com/yonajon Dapper
Jonathan Abrams http://twitter.com/abrams Socializr, Friendster
Joyce Kim http://twitter.com/joycekim Soompi
Lane Becker http://twitter.com/monstro Get Satisfaction, Adaptive Path
Max Levchin http://twitter.com/mlevchin Slide, Paypal
Merci Grace http://twitter.com/merci Gamelayers
Ming Yeow Ng http://twitter.com/mingyeow MrTweet
Peter Pham http://twitter.com/peterpham Billshrink, Photobucket
Philip Kaplan http://twitter.com/pud Adbrite, Fucked Company
Sachin Rekhi http://twitter.com/sachinrekhi (stealth startup), Anywhere.fm
Scott Rafer http://twitter.com/rafer Lookery, MyBlogLog
Siqi Chen http://twitter.com/blader Serious Business (Friends for Sale)
Ted Rheingold http://twitter.com/tedr Dogster

If you’re not on the list, then I didn’t see you use Twitter in the last day ;-)

And last but not least, you can follow me on Twitter here.

Am I missing anyone? Just comment if you have recommendations.

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