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Bay Area investors I’m following on Twitter

Here’s more people to follow on Twitter!

As a followup to my previous post Bay Area entrepreneurs I’m following on Twitter, here’s the version for investors (mostly focused on early stage angels).

Bryce Roberts http://twitter.com/bryce O’Reilly Alphatech
Dave McClure http://twitter.com/davemcclure Founders Fund
David Lee http://twitter.com/daslee Baseline Ventures
David Shen http://twitter.com/dshen Betaworks
Jeff Clavier http://twitter.com/Jeff SoftTech VC
Josh Kopelman http://twitter.com/joshk First Round Capital
Marc Andreessen http://twitter.com/pmarca Andreessen Horowitz
Mike Maples http://twitter.com/m2jr Maples Investments
Mitch Kapor http://twitter.com/mkapor KEI
Naval Ravikant http://twitter.com/naval Hitforge
Om Malik http://twitter.com/om True Ventures

If you’re not on the list, then I didn’t see you use Twitter in the last day ;-)

And last but not least, you can follow me on Twitter here.

Am I missing anyone? Just comment if you have recommendations.

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