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Big news: I’m moving to Silicon Valley

Many of you that know may might find this news completely unsurprising, but I am leaving for Silicon Valley at the end of the year!

It’s both an exciting and bittersweet event for me – as a life-long Seattleite, I’ve grown to love the city and all the casual, low-key values it represents. Being local with all my friends and my family is an immensely rewarding thing. And on a professional level, I’ve been proud of our work at Revenue Science, where we’ve created a rapidly growing, dynamic, company. Only a couple years ago, we had a mere 2 media clients – now, we have dozens of top tier publishers like WSJ, ESPN, Washington Post, and a ad network that went from 0 to multi-billion impressions per month in just 1 year.

That said, I’ve always wanted to move to the Bay Area for the opportunities it represents, and for the like-minded people that I know there.

My last day at Revenue Science will be November 30th, at which point I’ll have to discover and decide on my new gig. I’m looking to found a new company or potentially join a very early stage startup. Should be a lot of fun to figure out where I’ll be in a year.

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