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Checking out new mailing list on Lean Startups

I have been casually lurking on a new Google group focusing on the techniques around Lean Startups pioneered by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. Lots of fun conversations happening there.

Go here if you want to check out some of the threads going on. I’ve been following via the RSS feeds of new topics.

Here’s the info from the main site – thought I would give it a plug. The guy who runs it is named Rich Collins.

Let’s build a community focused on learning from lean startups.

I’ve recently been captivated by the ideas introduced by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. I’ve been reading their articles, watching their talks and listening to their podcasts. What I haven’t found is a community of other startup founders with a similar interest in lean startup strategies and tactics.

I would like to create a community centered around building lean startups. There will be a website with a forum, wiki, chat and Hacker News style social bookmarking. The focus will be on sharing battle stories and numbers from actual startup campaigns. I will also organize events for members to attend.

In true lean startup form, I created this website to gauge the interest in the formation of such a community. After 24 hours of having the site up, 131 people showed their interest by submitting their email address. As a result, I’ve created a Google Group where we can start the conversation.

Have fun! Hopefully there will be some interesting stuff to come out of it.

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