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Congrats to my friends at Mochi Media, especially my little sister Ada!

Congrats to my sister Ada Chen, one of the first 10 employees at Mochi Media. I introduced her to Jameson (Mochi’s CEO and co-founder) back when she was first moving down to the Bay Area, and she turned down many other opportunities to go to Mochi. I remember she said she really loved the team, the opportunity, and thought she would learn a lot – which she has. I’m very happy it worked out for her. You can congratulate her at @adachen. (Oh and she’s also getting married this year to @sachinrekhi, another startup guy – congrats on that as well!)

From now, I know people will say, “omg you’re Ada Chen’s brother?” :-) It’ll be great.

When I first moved down to the Bay Area, I originally met Jameson, who was nice enough for me to crash at his old place in the Mission to attend the GDC. He ran Mochi off of a couple tables in his living room, where he lived with Bob in a work/live condo. They’ve gone a long way since then! Congrats to Jameson, Bob, and the rest of the team – well deserved.

Here’s some of the breaking news from the Wall Street Journal:

BEIJING—Chinese online game developer Shanda Games Ltd. agreed to acquire U.S. online game network Mochi Media in a deal valued at $80 million, furthering its global expansion ambitions.

Under the deal, which the companies expect to announce Tuesday, San Francisco-based privately-held Mochi will receive $60 million in cash and $20 million in shares of Shanda Games, a Nasdaq-listed, Shanghai-based company known for creating some of China’s most popular massive multiplayer online games.

Also more here at Techcrunch and Paidcontent.

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