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Dear readers, I need your help!

Hi everyone,

Hopefully all of you are enjoying the blog although I’ve only been writing about once a week now. We recently passed 7,000 subscribers, which is fantastic. The blog continues to grow and seems to be a useful reference for people.

Anyway, as some of you know, I’ve been working on some of my own startup projects – still quite early – and am now looking for recommendations for smart engineers.

In particular, I’m looking for advice on:

  • Engineers that are interested in consumer internet startups
  • Have experience with Ruby (or PHP/Python) including frameworks like Rails or Django
  • Can work with me on customer-centered product development
  • Have a BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

If you have recommendations for interesting people for me to talk to, please shoot me a note at voodoo [at] gmail.


I’d hugely appreciate it!


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