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Do you use Google Reader? I need your help!

Calling all Google Reader users…
Are you reading this in Google Reader? If so, I need your help on a science experiment.

Click the SHARE button and share this blog post out to your friends, like this:

Why do this?
This may be your first time reading my blog, and you might be asking "Why would I want to do that?" I’m guessing that when Google built this feature, they didn’t think
people would use it to propagate chain letter-like things, like this
post ;-)

Take part in the first Viral Marketing "science experiment" inside of Google Reader! ;-) Let’s answer the quesiton, "Can it be done??"

(This experiment originally inspired by Scoble, who linked to me and said, "How did I find it? My friends on Google Reader shared it with me.
You can add me on Google Reader too")

Blogs can now easily jump from user-to-user with just one click, whereas before it was hard to "infect" another user virally. More on the viral marketing topic here. After this experiment runs its course, I’ll post a longer analysis and explanation, depending on how successful it is.

In the meantime, don’t forget to click on the SHARE button below! (Click here to go to Google Reader)

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