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Fun article on Club Penguin

Link: An "adult" joins Club Penguin.

Couple fun excerpts, first, on the incredible power of customizable avatars:

The first thing you notice is that everyone is really dressed up. When
you click on another penguin, their "Player Card" appears. This shows
all of the pins, hats, props, and accessories that the penguin has
acquired by completing various missions and shopping at various stores.
The net result is that a lot of penguins end up looking like Elton
John. (As Emily Yoffe points out, you must have a paid subscription to Club Penguin to properly outfit your penguin.) 

then, how having an avatar body (rather than a profile picture, for
example) gives you more types of customization, for example dance moves:

You might do a little dancing to the booming rock soundtrack (penguins
can acquire special dance moves) and then go your separate ways. After
all, there are constant parties to attend.

and finally, the continuing emergence of machinima, where I’ve been a
ridiculous number of YouTube videos that combine in-game footage with
music, and then it’s called a "music video":

Club Penguin regulars seem to enjoy their outlaw status, posting videos on YouTube of how they got the boot. Better yet are the tribute videos to banned penguins. This one uses the Puffy Combs ode to Biggie Smalls, "I’ll Be Missing You," as a soundtrack.

In fact, here’s a cute one:

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