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GigaOm’s “10 Blogs We Love” and 15 Blogs that I love!

I’m excited to see this blog on GigaOm’s recent post, 10 Blogs We Love. Thanks to Om and team for including me on the list.

Some of my daily reads that may or may not be in your reader already:

  • NewTeeVee: Online video, digital television, content syndication, etc.
  • YPulse: Teen trends, attitudes, products, and companies
  • Bronte Media: Online advertising, market analysis
  • Raph Koster: Game design, social gaming
  • Slideshare Most Favorited: Top presentations from Slideshare
  • Marketingcharts: Recent data, charts, and info from marketing companies
  • Agenda: Luxury goods market, global marketing
  • 500 Hats: Dave McClure’s blog on Facebook, social platforms, metrics, etc.

And for the totally fun, off-topic stuff:

Sorry if I’ve left anyone out ;-) Hope you guys enjoy.

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