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Glitter obsession, both online and offline

What’s going on with all the glitter text, glitter backgrounds, and glitter effects?
In fact, if you search for "glitter" on Google, you’ll see one of the most organized, comprehensive and SEO’d set of websites ever. And they’re all "ugly" and full of ads. In fact, it’s hard to go to any MySpace affiliated site, even Bay Area darlings Slide and Rockyou, without seeing a bunch of glitter-themed stuff everywhere.

It seems as though glitter is playing an interesting role as a design motif – similar to the edgy graffiti look, or brushed aluminum, or rounded corners, or any other motif. But instead of conveying "futuristic" it conveys "fun" or "pretty." Strange, I know! And furthermore, this aesthetic is being driven a completely different demographic than the folks that exist here in the Bay Area.

And in fact, here are some pictures from a recent excursion to a scrapbooking store that shows you some offline variations of this stuff – keep in mind all this stuff is like 3-4 dollars per bag, crazy!

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