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Hanging out at the Virtual Goods Summit tomorrow…

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Other than the crowd of games people, you’d be surprised by what Web 2.0 folks are speaking:

  • Gaia Online, which started out as a bunch of online forums
  • HotOrNot, which has virtual goods in the form of roses that you can give
  • RockYou, a recent high-flying widget company
  • Kongregate, a self-described "YouTube for games"
  • Dogster, a pets social-networking site with virtual gifts
  • LiveJournal, which has "v-gifts" that users can give each other

And of course, check out the list of attendees for a colorful bunch.

Autodesk? Motorola? eBay? And a whole ton of VCs?

You can definitely tell this space is heating up :) Perhaps people will start looking at this as a serious alternative or compliment to the ad-centric model that exists today.

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