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Hello world! (from Disqus)

Hello all from Seattle!

After much procrastinating and complaining about Typepad’s yearly subscription, I finally decided to pay for the Pro account and try out Disqus. We’ll see if it’s worth the money and upgrade.

I think for a lot of the products out there pitched at content creators – Google Knol being the latest one – there’s a misplaced emphasis on making money. As a blogger, I don’t really care about making a buck, since it’s not my full-time thing. I just want to write what I want to write and see what people think. Products like Disqus, Lijit, MyBlogLog, and other blog-related products I like all cater towards my interest in getting more interaction from my audience and knowing that they aren’t just anonymous web visitors. I think it’s important for folks working on these kinds of products to never forget that.

Anyway, I’ll have more essays later next week when I’m back in San Francisco. Talk to you guys then.

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