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I don’t usually do this…

I don’t usually pimp out sites, but I saw this one and really liked it: Wesabe. I’ve been looking for a quicker, easier app to use other than Quicken or Money, where it seems like I end up spending hours getting my data in and classifying expenses. I think there are some really interesting ideas here.

Of course, as an advertising guy I think, wow, if people were comfortable enough sharing their info like this, then you could get a lot of revenue based on offering coupons (i.e. ads) based on peoples’ purchase histories. Anyway, it’s a slam dunk business model, if they can get scale and adoption.

I’ve also been thinking about the entire self-help/self-improvement market as a whole, and see some really interesting opportunities there. Consumer motivation coupled with a fragmented market equals something interesting. I think sites like Wesabe are only step 1 in this evolution.

Anyway, for lazy people, here’s the tour video:

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