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I’m sick :( Also, going to Game Developers Conference for the week

Sorry for the slow blogging – I’ve been sick the last couple days.

This week, I’ll be at the Game Developers Conference held here in San Francisco. Couple predictions:

  • The place will be SWARMING with VCs – there were only a few last year, but this year it’ll be over the top due to funding in the last 9-12 months
  • Mobile games will continue to be dour, and the folks there will be jealous of all the new distribution opportunities afforded by Facebook/MySpace/etc.
  • Internet people – that is, folks with backgrounds in Rails/SEO/SEM/widgets/etc – will in also be invading. These guys have never really built deep games before, but they sense an opportunity to build some simple content and use some new fangled techniques to distribute them
  • "Club Penguin for X" has replaced "YouTube for X" as the new hotness

Also, here are a couple bloggers who write about games that you should read, if you’re not:

I will be switching between the casual games summit and the worlds in motion summit in the first couple days, followed by attending the typical fanboy presentations on my favorite games. Should be fun!

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