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Man, I’m kind of bored by the Web 2.0 conference…

My Web 2.0 conference T-shirt, remixed

I’m hanging out at the Starbucks next to the Web 2.0 conference in Moscone West, and I have to say, I’ve been underwhelmed by the conference. I think the core reason is that the space has received so much scrutiny, and people (including me) have been up to date through TechCrunch and the sorts, so that new, unique information is hard to come by.

Furthermore, when you have keynotes like Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt, in front of thousands of people, they are very sensitive in terms of what they are saying. Thus, you end up in a situation where everything is super polished and they are just rehashing things you sorta already knew.

Another factor at work is that Web 2.0, as many know, is such a nebulous term that the set of companies there are pretty incoherent. Can you really go to a hour long session on tagging, followed by hearing WebEx talking about their “web 2.0” initiatives?

Anyway, perhaps I’m overly negative here, but I’d enjoy hearing other opinions on the matter.

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