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My quickie review of the Fitbit

I had a recent quote in the NYT article on the Fitbit, and wanted to give a couple quick thoughts about using the device so far. (This isn’t a gadget blog so posts like this will be far and few between).

In general, I love the form factor and the fact I can clip it on and pretty much ignore it for the rest of the day. People that I show it to always remark on how small and cute it is, and I’ve gotten several tweets on how they’re jealous that I have on already. One funny thing is that I find myself checking it absent-mindedly the same why I check FML on my iPhone. In general, it has made me much more aware of my incredibly sedentary lifestyle, and the daily goal of 10,000 steps is a tough one to hit. I’m usually hovering around 5-6,000 steps at most, and have to actively work to get to 10,000.

The web integration is nice although I don’t find myself checking it that often. They just recently added some social features to it, and I’m sure when my friends, and family get these devices it will be fun to see how I am doing relative to them.

Anyway, it’s a basic device and does exactly what it’s supposed to do really well. I’m excited to see when it gets more gadgety and does more with the data.

For a more detailed review, check out the Engadget review or the CNet review.

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