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Netflix on their Freedom and Responsibility culture

Pretty fascinating slides – it’s 128 pages, but worth flipping through – see below. Those on RSS feeds, you can find a link to the presentation here. I found this via Bob Sutton, who writes:

This slideshow was on a number of blogs over the summer (see here) , but I wanted to make sure that everyone saw it and, frankly, to get a post here so I have a record of it.  Apparently, Reed Hastings, the amazing CEO of Netflix, put-up a set of 128 slides that is a “reference guide to our freedom and responsibility culture.” I realize that most 128 page slide decks are deadly dull, but this is an exception.  You may not agree with all their values and approaches, but on the whole I think you will be fascinated by the detail and thought.  Now, I have no inside knowledge of what it is like to work at Netflix, but if this is accurate, it is a pretty impressive company — frankly far more enlightened than most in SiliconValley.

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