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Out to NYC for Advertising Week

I’m off to NYC next week for a conference called MIXX – here’s the agenda.

Speakers include brand ad agencies, marketing executives from F500, like:

I’m speaking on a small panel called "2 Legit 2 Widget" on the second day:

2 Legit 2 Widget? – The Next Generation of Applications for Targeting, Personalization, and Advertising
The pages and paths approach is giving way to a world where the
delivery of relevance to drive engagement rules. No where is this more
evident than in the rise of widgets and applications. Next generation
widgets and applications are already being developed that use
quantitative data to optimize and target the delivery of contextually
relevant content across experiences. In Social Media, this creates a
viral effect.

For publishers, the rise in engagement metrics enables a
more detailed discovery of user behaviors resulting in deeper more
valuable segments. For advertisers, this means better targeting. This
workshop will focus on the applications, strategies, measurement and
benefits that can be expected in this emerging medium that looks to be
transforming the web as we know it.

MIXX is one of those conferences that Web 2.0 people rarely go to, since it’s really a conference revolving around the New York City advertising scene. But for people who care about brand advertising, and want to hear how companies that are spending hundreds of millions in ad dollars approach the marketing world, it’s an important experience.

If anyone wants to meet up, shoot me a note at voodoo [at] gmail [dot] com.

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