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Poll results are in – what YOU want to read on this blog, revealed!

Poll results are in!
I recently looked at the poll I put up about blog topics – very interesting.

It looks like people are absolutely more interested in analytics and metrics, particularly in user engagement, and much less interested in social gaming, social networks in general, etc. I assume that it’s because for the social stuff, there’s a lot of specific coverage on that in tech blogs like Techcrunch and the like.

I haven’t seen as much stuff out there digging into analytics around engagement/viral in social applications – most of the good analytics out there focuses on e-commerce, etc., so I imagine that the appetite is out there for a more focused analytics conversation.

No love for social gaming
Most interesting to me was that there’s very little interest in social-gaming – it was tied at the bottom with B2B and vertical social networks. I figured that given social gaming’s hotness in the investment (and social networking sector), that it would rank quite high. Good thing I ran this poll!

Anyway, here are all the results below:

Answer Text Votes %
Analytics and metrics 69 20%
User retention/engagement 68 19%
Viral marketing 55 16%
Online advertising 39 11%
Product management 39 11%
Social network platforms 30 9%
B2B and vertical social networks 23 7%
Social gaming 23 7%
Other… 5 1%
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