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Poll results from “How would you launch a new product?”

I had previously posted a poll for the folks reading this blog to vote on a poll for how they’d launch a new product, and here were the results (as of this afternoon), ranked in order:

How do you launch a new product or service?

  1. Start with a site, then add app(s) later 56% (102 votes)
  2. Start with app(s), then add a site later 21% (38 votes)
  3. Destination site only 10% (19 votes)
  4. Social network app(s) only 8% (14 votes)

There were also a couple votes for “Other” which, from the comments and emails, seemed to be people who launched with both at the same time, or people looking at iPhone development, etc.

Frankly, I’m surprised by the results!

I really expected that there would be more folks to be emphasizing app and widget development rather than destination sites. Another way to look at this is that 66% of the votes had you starting with a destination site first, with apps being an afterthought.

Perhaps with all the Facebook and OpenSocial excitement that I’m exposed to in the Bay Area, it’s easy to perceive that *everyone* is working on apps when in fact there are many more traditional approaches out there.

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