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Possibly the worst naming guide ever

I recently found this ridiculous list of Web 2.0 naming ideas: Phonetical misspellings & orthographic wordplay. Sadly, I found this on News.YC, which means some poor kids are using it to name their new photo hosting company fauxtowhost.com :(

Basically it’s a bunch of misspellings that create phonetic confusion. Here are some examples:

C = CK, K
Sparc – Customizable startpage – Startpage
Tracbac – Share, comment, revise & collaborate – Knowledge

E, EE = I
Comeeko – Create & share photo strips – Publish
Radeo – Compile & share playlists – Audio

Brusheezy – Photoshop brushes for download – Design
Esy – Content management system – Software
Ezfind – Meta search – Search
Ezpublish – Content management system – Software
Vecteezy – Get vector graphics from top artists – Design

Messengerfx – Instant messenger – Communicate
Pikifx – Edit your photos – Images

If people are passionate about your site, and tell their friends about it, you want them to be able to spell it. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Doesn’t everyone remember the UTube versus YouTube hilarity?

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