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Quotes from entrepreneurs and friends about Futuristic Play

Organizing a blog
I've slowly been working on the blog infrastructure I have set up, including at some point moving to WordPress. Recently I've just focused on organizing the essays and information I've written so far, including making a big directory of all my essays in one place.

Anyway, I wanted to work on making it easier for new users to figure out what this blog was about, so I added a "Are you new?" section with a couple links to my best essays, quotes about this blog, and an about me / contact info section.

I e-mailed a couple folks to throw together the quotes page and got a great response. I wanted to include a snapshot of the list below – thanks to everyone to contributed a quote!

The sad truth about blogging is that 99% of blogs are not worth
reading.  Andrew Chen's blog on online marketing is one of the few
exceptions to this rule.  I often find myself referring people to posts
from Andrew's blog because it actually contains useful research and
insight, instead of the usual noise.
Jonathan Abrams, ceo of Socializr and founder of Friendster

Marc read Andrew
good blog
— a half haiku by Marc Andreessen

Andrew Chen's blog is one of the few I make sure I read every day — both thoughtful and thought provoking.
Lauren Bigelow, svp marketing and gm of Weeworld

Andrew’s incredibly analytical mind, understanding of web
development, and expansive network of entrepreneurs, venture
capitalists and veterans, affords him the unique opportunity to jump
into the trenches on case studies for an intimate micro-level
understanding and to learn from experts a wealth of research and wisdom
of the macro forces at play.
Jason Feffer, ceo of Sodahead, previously vp operations at MySpace

I'd call Andrew's blog 'unmissable.'
Jared Kopf, ceo of Adroll and Paypal alum

Andrew's blog is an inexhaustible source of numbers and ideas on concepts that matter.
Max Levchin, ceo of Slide and cto/co-founder of PayPal

Andrew is one of the smartest geeks in Silicon Valley, and a
brilliant and comprehensive virtuoso on a broad array of tech and
non-tech topics including internet advertising, viral marketing, web
analytics, social networks, online games, and all kinds of web
glitter.  He is a veritable Glenn Gould of startup blogging, and every
chance i get i rip off his ideas and try to pass them off as my own.
Dave McClure, angel investor and Paypal alum

I subscribe to Andrew Chen’s Futuristic Play blog because I value his insights into virtual worlds and gaming.
Cary Rosenzweig, ceo of IMVU

My brother and I built JibJab by instinctually understanding and
leveraging viral marketing.  When I want to think about it in a
quantitative way, there is no better source of information (and
inspiration) than Andrew Chen’s Futuristic Play.
Gregg Spiridellis, ceo of JibJab

Andrew is writing the textbook on web marketing.
— Jim Young, ex-cto/co-founder of HotOrNot

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