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Taking a quick blog vacation…


Here are some of the partially-written drafts I have saved in my WordPress account – no promises on whether or not I’ll finish them though :)

  • Forget about user engagement – just focus on retention!
  • Launching new product features: Metrics for internal distribution
  • The Joel Test for data-driven decisions
  • Do data-driven models lead to uninspired products?
  • Are websites really better than desktop apps for user acquisition?
  • The social gaming business 101: Lifetime value, cost per acquisition, player retention and lifetime value
  • 5 key factors for increasing retention metrics
  • Dual currencies in virtual economies
  • Elements of every virtual items-based social game
  • How to calculate an ARPU and why it’s important
  • 5 common objections to making data-driven decisions
  • “Yet another ad network?” Why the future of advertising points at more networks, not less
  • Are you building features that no one will use?
  • “OMG I’VE JUMPED THE SHARK”: 10 things to do after the TechCrunch crowd has moved on
  • Learning about retention metrics from retail and catalog marketers
  • Designing social networks: Real friends versus online friends
  • Social gaming and BBS door games: Learning from past casual asynchronous games
  • Why “launching” is old and busted

See you guys in a couple weeks…

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