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The best new games blog you’re not reading yet

A great new blog from IMVU cofounder
I recently have been reading a new blog by Eric Ries, one of the founders of IMVU. The URL is http://startuplessonslearned.blogspot.com and the RSS feed is here. I’ve found it to be a great source of thinking around both games and metrics, two of my favorite topics. It’s quickly become one of my favorite blogs.

For those of you guys who haven’t spent much time looking at IMVU, here’s a good summary from GigaOm, including the statistics below:

  • About 1.7 million user-generated items have been uploaded to the IMVU catalog
  • Users create most content offline with industry-standard modeling tools such as Maya and Blender
  • Individual content creators can take their earnings and sell them on third party web sites
  • As with Second Life, IMVU users retain intellectual property rights to content submitted to the IMVU catalog
  • About 100,000 users are registered to be IMVU content creators, but the number of consistent creators is in the tens of thousands
  • IMVU users often sell their credits to other users via third-party web sites — also fine with Cary. “We observe it sort of casually,” he said.
  • Demographic: Largest cohort is teens; 60 percent of users are female, 60 percent are American
  • 50-70K concurrency is typical, with peaks in the high 70s
  • IMVU areas are more like virtual rooms restricted to 10 avatars or fewer; Cary estimated 90 percent of those room interactions are person-to-person, anyway.

Eric has already written some great articles from his experience at IMVU, including articles on:

I’d encourage you to read more games+web+metrics goodness.

KP beefing up on games
Another interesting note is that it looks like KP has recently been beefing up their games focus. These days, Eric is a venture advisor for Kleiner Perkins, after 4 years at IMVU. He also joins the recently made partner Bing Gordon, a cofounder of EA, who quickly went on a tear making investments in games companies like:

  • Facebook social gaming powerhouse Zynga
  • mobile games company Ngmoco (from EA veterans)
  • GoGii (from the Jamdat founders)

They also have Chi-Hua Chien, who sourced the Facebook for Accel Partners, and who is obviously a great resource for the intersection of social web and games.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog!

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