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To my first 10,000 blog subscribers: Thank you!

To my first 10,000: thank you for reading! (And I will try to blog more)

Lately I have been tweeting more than anything else, and if you haven’t followed me already, you can do so here: @andrewchen.


PS. I updated my list of essays recently, so all the latest stuff is on there. I wanted to include it below, for your convenience.

Viral marketing and user acquisition

For web entrepreneurs, growing your userbase is a key challenge, alongside product development and financing. These posts emphasize a quantitative approach to getting traction and growing users.

Engagement and product design

Using principles from game design and analysis of consumer behavior, these essays cover the process of creating experiences your customers will love.

Freemium and online ad monetization

Social web product have unique characteristics as it applies to online advertising and direct monetization levels. These posts cover some of the issues around key topics such as ARPUs, conversion funnels, CPM rates, behavioral data, revenue modeling, etc.


Without metrics, web entrepreneurs are just flying blind. These essays cover some of the organization and development issues around instituting a metrics system – what to measure, in what order, and how to implement them.

Media and games

Traditional media, including TV, music, games, and movies are at a crossroads. Here are some thoughts on how the industry is changing and evolving.

Entrepreneurship and startup life in San Francisco

Just a couple thoughts on things I’ve encountered while arriving in SF.

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