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Top keywords for how people find my blog

I always find the sources of traffic for my blog interesting – I thought I’d publish them here.

If you’re a blogger, you should go to your Google Analytics and hit Traffic Sources, then Keywords, and do an Export to Excel. Would love to see yours – please post it to your blog!

Couple observations about my list:

  1. Interesting that a lot of people are searching for me by name! Weird, although obviously there are probably tens or hundreds of thousands of "Andrew Chen" people out there, now and historically. Just at my college there were 5
  2. As to be expected, there’s a ton of folks who are searching about "Entrepreneur-in-residence" from my most recent gig
  3. Similarly, there’s a lot of folks who are interesting in advertising, viral marketing, and the typical digital media stuff I write about – hopefully they enjoy the content they see
  4. Also, interesting enough, there are a bunch of consumers who are looking for Diner Dash, or Facebook, or MS Paint, which are all consumer products I’ve mentioned in the past – those guys are probably very disappointed at what they find on this blog!

Here’s the first couple dozen of my list for 2007 to now:

  • andrew chen
  • entrepreneur in residence
  • entrepreneur-in-residence
  • andrew chen blog
  • entrepreneur in residence""
  • vertical ad networks
  • viral loop
  • futuristic play
  • vertical ad network
  • andrew chen""
  • facebook dating
  • andrewchen widget
  • andrewchen reward schedule
  • new diner games
  • how to draw on ms paint
  • sketchfu
  • how to draw with ms paint
  • andrewchen
  • social monetization
  • how to draw in ms paint
  • club penguin viral
  • game designer tutorial
  • ideo method cards
  • how to create a social network
  • new diner dash
  • first impressions ""andrewchen""
  • google ecosystem
  • futuristic
  • ironic article
  • widgets = ad networks
  • andy chen
  • game design tutorial
  • uploading andrewchen
  • 10 ways to ruthlessly acquire users
  • 1 9 90
  • 1-9-90 rule
  • andrew chen mdv
  • facebook monetization
  • andrew chen viral loop
  • facebook and dating
  • site:andrewchen.typepad.com viral
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