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Top posts for 2009: Freemium, Design, and Metrics

Here’s a quickie roundup of the top posts from my blog over the last year, sorted by pageview. They are heavily skewed towards articles passed on to first time readers since most of my readership is via RSS.

A large number of them related to freemium, which tells you how much interest there was in making money in 2009 :-) Perhaps with the economy returning, there will be a shift of interest towards growth again.


  1. How to create a profitable Freemium startup (spreadsheet model included!)
  2. Built to Fail: How companies like Google, IDEO, and 37signals build failure-tolerant systems for anything!
  3. Free to Freemium: 5 lessons learned from YouSendIt.com
  4. Product design debt versus Technical debt
  5. Friends versus Followers: Twitter’s elegant design for grouping contacts
  6. 5 warning signs: Does A/B testing lead to crappy products?
  7. Freemium business model case study: AdultFriendFinder ARPU, churn, and conversion rates
  8. Which startup’s collapse will end the Web 2.0 era?
  9. 2009 conference schedule for the digital media industry
  10. Does every startup need a Steve Jobs?
  11. Why low-fidelity prototyping kicks butt for customer-driven design
  12. What if interviews poorly predict job performance? What if dating poorly predicts marital happiness?
  13. How to calculate cost-per-acquisition for startups relying on freemium, subscription, or virtual items biz models
  14. 5 crucial stages in designing your viral loop
  15. Age (and ARPPU) ain’t nothing but a number: Data on how age impacts social gaming monetization

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