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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-25

    Here are some links I posted to my twitter account over the last week or two. You can follow me on Twitter if you like these! Many are work unrelated.

  • GReader share: Facebook Apps Will Make More Money Than Facebook In 2009 http://bit.ly/18bd4V #
  • GReader share: Benson leaves Robot Co-op to focus efforts on Enjoymentland http://bit.ly/tpQK3 #
  • RT @ericries: How To Optimize For Conversion In Organic Search Results http://klck.me/2N #wa #SEO #webdesign (via @KISSmetrics) #
  • re-imported my addressbook to linkedin. One of the only services where I’ve done that without much fear! ;-) #
  • GReader share: CHART OF THE DAY: Microsoft’s ‘Laptop Hunters’ Ads Are Hurting Apple http://bit.ly/wcJ1l #
  • GReader share: Search Engine Optimization Companies http://bit.ly/N2j6o #
  • GReader share: Facebook & virtual currency http://bit.ly/ZDY4m #
  • GReader share: LOGIN 2009: Herdina vs. Zatkin On Secondary Markets http://bit.ly/14dTp1 #
  • GReader share: Axono.me, isometric pixel art grid library for jQuery http://axono.me/ #
  • GReader share: Why it DOESN’T Suck to Be a VC http://bit.ly/cd9ns #
  • GReader share: Scott Schiller’s forensics on a nasty piece of JS malware http://bit.ly/ukoQ3 #
  • GReader share: Photo Scoop: Fotolia Takes A Massive $50 Million To $100 Million Round From TA Asso.. http://bit.ly/WEwh9 #
  • GReader share: The Palo Alto Pedestrian Mall Controversy http://bit.ly/HXEpt #
  • GReader share: Welcoming Eric Ries to the Radar Team http://bit.ly/Szoxw #
  • RT @pkedrosky one of those schism questions, but where are people on the whole “rt” vs “via” thing in retweeting? #
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