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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-15

    Here are some links I posted to my twitter account over the last week or two. You can follow me on Twitter if you like these! Many are work unrelated.

  • GReader share: Flixel, a free Actionscript library for building complex games without Flash http://flixel.org/ #
  • GReader share: Datablindness http://bit.ly/uYdFE #
  • GReader share: What do American girls like? (crowdsourcing stereotypes) http://girls.yury.name/ #
  • GReader share: Entrepreneurs on Twitter http://bit.ly/3TgJJ #
  • GReader share: New Planetarium Projector Promises 16x 1080p Res, Might Pressure IMAX Format http://bit.ly/dMgIP #
  • GReader share: Today, We Think Twitter Is Dead (for Now) http://bit.ly/E59ue #
  • RT @garrytan: All models are wrong. Some models are useful. -George Box #
  • RT @adachen @sbergel Three Rings continues our mad tradition of telling everyone all our MMO & virtual currency sekrits http://bit.ly/k6g7T #
  • RT @dataspora: Also, "Never fall in love with a model." – G.P. Box (and several rock stars) #
  • RT @cherrymochi @wesabe @palm: Awesome Billshrink post comparing costs of iPhone, Palm Pre, Android: http://bit.ly/1aaYgo #
  • GReader share: Shocker: Study shows VCs plan to invest in fewer companies http://bit.ly/jiGoP #
  • GReader share: Don’t Blame Venture Woes on the Economy; It’s the VCs’ Fault http://bit.ly/13glfn #
  • GReader share: Revenue at Craigslist Is Said to Top $100 Million http://bit.ly/iFslh #
  • RT @bryce @peHUB: @pkedrosky Don’t Blame Greedy VCs for Industry Bloat, Blame LPs: http://tinyurl.com/nklo55 #
  • GReader share: Hey, Graduates, Check Out These CEOs' First Jobs (SLIDESHOW) http://bit.ly/VI2hm #
  • GReader share: Twitter Hits The Ceiling http://bit.ly/12AlNW #
  • GReader share: Kedrosky: Cut the VC Industry in Half http://bit.ly/b9M35 #
  • GReader share: Trent Reznor Quits Web 2.0, Offers Cutting Advice To Haters http://bit.ly/1aDnp1 #
  • RT @tworetzky: New Pew report on US use of online health content. Majority read UGC content but not on social networks! http://bit.ly/dhIrC #
  • RT @angusdav: gotta love this one: http://billmyparents.com/ — the name says it all. cool payments system idea, cheesy web UI. #
  • GReader share: I want… who works at EDGE Magazine? http://bit.ly/RUZUi #
  • GReader share: Jimmy Fallon on Microsoft Natal: 'Oh my God — this is awesome!' http://bit.ly/EIZSu #
  • GReader share: Inside the Startup Office from Hell http://bit.ly/19dm4S #
  • RT @cherrymochi: weird but very cool shadow art made from junk: http://bit.ly/H2qyr #
  • rt @m2jr Regardless of one's politics, Letterman's behavior to Sarah Palin has been out of line. Salon nails it. http://bit.ly/17B8IM #
  • WSJ on benefits and perils of data-driven education: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124475338699707579.html #
  • GReader share: Friday Fun: Tennis Serves and New Balls http://bit.ly/IYcbz #
  • GReader share: MySpace Is In Far Worse Shape Than Its New Executives Thought http://bit.ly/jHdoF #
  • GReader share: Electronic Arts No. 2 exec foresees shift coming toward digital game distribution http://bit.ly/Bmczc #
  • GReader share: Facebook Nabs The Man Who Engineered Google AdSense For Many Years http://bit.ly/3bNdW #
  • GReader share: Is John Donahoe Finally Turning eBay Around? http://bit.ly/LePS0 #
  • On Will Wright’s Team, Would You Be a Solvent, or the Glue? http://post.ly/qEZ #
  • Why is America so fascinated with multiple simultaneous births? They are followed by paps, become celebs. Weird. #
  • Overheard in Palo alto: new Stanford grad explaining full history of Apple in excruciating detail to his parents. Rite of passage? #
  • Writing tomorrow morning's blog post about why you should make it easy for users to quit your product! Fun. #
  • RT @ericnakagawa: Celebrity – We love to love them, love to hate them, love to create them, love to destroy them. #
  • i'm tempted to change my safari search to bing.com, just to try it out… http://bit.ly/Je6Db #
  • dear lazyweb: Is there a way to "print to kindle"? It'd take whatever page I'm on, PDF it, and then email to my @kindle.com address. Ideas? #
  • GReader share: Hunch.com, decision-making engine, opens to the public http://www.hunch.com/ #
  • GReader share: Shock Waves in Human Systems http://bit.ly/9HyJe #
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