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Video up from Virtual Goods Summit, Metrics for Virtual Goods Businesses: The Whirled Case Study

Virtual Goods Summit videos are up!
Charles Hudson was kind enough to post all the videos from the Virtual Goods Summit from earlier this year, you can see all the videos here.

The talk that Daniel James (of Three Rings fame) and myself gave is embedded below.

Here’s the outline of the content we covered:

Metrics for Virtual Goods

  • Key metrics
    • What is Whirled?
    • What is Puzzle Pirates?
    • Puzzle Pirates Metrics
  • What factors drive LTV?
    • User acquisition metrics
    • Factors that drive acquisition cost
    • Dashboard for user acquisition
  • Customer retention metrics
    • Factors that drive revisit rate
    • Whirled retention cohort %s
  • Virtual Economy overview
    • Dashboard for a virtual economy
    • Lots of graphs
  • Billing payment breakdown
    • Billing fraud
  • Questions and answers


UPDATE: Mike Gowen put up some photos of the slides here. Mindmaps and more videos from Jussi here.

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