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Woohoo, broke 3,000 subscribers today! New readers: Feel free to intro yourselves

Hi everyone,

Good news – just broke through 3k users yesterday for the first time! I’m sure it’ll go up and down in the next while, but it’s always great to see a new high water mark:

Here’s how long it took me to get to this number – I started this blog about a year and change ago:

  • zero to 500: 9 months
  • 1000: 3 months
  • 3000: 3 months

The big jump from 1000 to 3000 was accomplished through a link from Robert Scoble, who has an amazing amount of traffic – far more than any link I’ve ever gotten from TechMeme, Delicious, YC News, or the like.

Anyway, if you’re one of the new readers, feel free to shoot me a couple lines about yourself at voodoo [at] gmail. I’m always interested in hearing what folks are up to!


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